Clinically Driven Revenue Recovery

Identify dropped charges and hidden revenue within your clinical charts.  Our seasoned RN’s will investigate, address missed charges due to incomplete documentation in EHR and provide a targeted solution for increased revenue and improved operational efficiency.

EHR implementation revolutionized data management but introduced challenges in maintaining accurate documentation.  Inadequate training, lack of follow-up, and varied practices lead to substantial revenue loss due to services not correctly recorded for billing.

What is the solution? Our skilled seasoned healthcare professionals conduct a forensic comprehensive review of individual charts, identifying missing charges caused by incomplete documentation or anticipated charges based on work flows.  Collaboration with hospital staff ensures tailored recommendations for improved documentation practices, leading to enhanced revenue capture.

Partner with us to recover substantial revenue, enhance documentation practices, and achieve financial and operational goals!  No matter the size of the project, whether it is a small audit or a comprehensive audit, we have the staff ready to take on the challenge.  Our team’s expertise in revenue recovery ensures a strategic solution to missed charges, contributing to your hospital/clinic’s success.