Quality Management and Patient Safety

An essential component of running a successful health care organization is providing excellent clinical care while at the same time achieving high levels of care quality and patient safety.  Quality Healthcare Partners (Quality) consultants have years of specialty experience and will dedicate themselves to enhancing your efficiency of operations, quality of care, and bottom-line performance.  We are available to work throughout the United States and Canada.

Quality’s Experience and Service Offerings:

For over twenty years, Quality has held quality in patient care as the central point of its service offerings.  We have assisted clients in:

  • Setting up patient safety and quality improvement programs
  • Conducting assessments of quality and patient safety practices using six sigma and performance improvement methodologies
  • Developing quality management annual work plans/audit plans
  • Conducting chart audits and clinical record reviews
  • Upgrading educational programs and delivering patient safety training
  • Assisting clients in preparing for Joint Commission surveys and corrective actions
  • Performing risk assessments and root cause analyses
  • Reviewing policies and procedures and updating documentation
  • Preparation and implement performance improvement initiatives

Quality provides these additional services:

  • Interim Director of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Interim Quality Improvement Specialist Position Vacancies
  • Interim Corporate Risk Management Safety Consultant