Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning is the high-level management process of developing a vision and an operational framework for the future of the organization.  One of the major accomplishments of this process is the production of a concise plan that encapsulates the organization’s vision, long-term goals, strategic directions, and a roadmap of how the organization will leverage its capabilities and resources to achieve its objectives.  The resulting strategic plan will serve as the reference framework for making tactical decisions and keeping the organization focused on its long-term objectives.

Quality’s Strategic Business Planning Services

Quality’s strategic planning consultants are prepared to assist your organization in formulating a business strategy that is uniquely suited to your long-term goals.  The process can be completed in six to ten weeks depending upon the size and complexity of your organization.

The strategic planning process consists of the following activities:

  • Selecting and orienting key participants
  • Conducting an overview session to explain the strategic planning process and how concepts will emerge from the working sessions and how the final plan will unfold
  • Engaging the participants in a series of strategy sessions to baseline the organization’s mission, values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Once the initial baselines have been established, the participants will turn their attention to formalizing the vision, goals, and plans for the future

Quality’s strategic planning consultants serve as the facilitators for the creative process and will work closely with the client strategy team to ensure that the most consequential ideas and strategies are produced.  Quality’s consultants will also ensure that the strategic planning process achieves high-quality results and remains on track to its scheduled milestones.  To maintain these objectives, Quality’s consultant will prepare materials, distribute minutes, provide status reports, and draft key documentation throughout the planning effort.

Once completed, your management team, guided by your unique strategic business plan, will be able to:

  • Leverage the new operational framework described by the plan to determine how to implement the details and make wiser tactical business decisions
  • Explain in a consistent fashion to staff and other stakeholders how the business will evolve going forward
  • Take the steps necessary to facilitate change management and establish the building blocks for future successful business operations

Benefits to Your Organization

  • A vibrant and polished business strategy and implementation road map based on the best ideas of your organization’s key personnel and enhanced by experienced strategic planning consultants who bring the wisdom of successful healthcare operations
  • Improved organization morale by providing your staff with a vibrant vision of the future
  • Involvement of your executive management team in the planning process while engendering minimal distraction from their operational responsibilities
  • A comprehensive understanding of the trends, and the actions of your competitors that may impact your current and future market space positioning
  • An in-depth knowledge of conditions that may impact the organization’s successful execution of a new strategic plan, and how to successfully navigate through each condition’s challenges