HIPAA Security and Privacy

Large-scale breaches of the privacy and security regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) continue to dominate the news and are resulting in greater exposure to penalties for both covered entities and business associates. Hospitals, hospital systems, health plans, ambulatory clinics, and other healthcare organizations are finding it very challenging to determine where they stand with respect to complying with the myriad of privacy and security regulations and are having difficulties engaging the right people to address these concerns. Quality Healthcare Partners (Quality) has experienced and certified healthcare privacy professionals who can quickly determine your areas of exposure and assist in implementing cost-effective resolutions.

Our Experience and Service Offerings:

Quality has performed HIPAA privacy and security assessments at dozens of healthcare organizations and academic medical centers throughout the country. 

Typically, HIPAA engagements involve:

  • Performing a HIPAA threats assessment to determine the organization’s individual risk profile and to identify countermeasures that will lessen the likelihood and impact of a negative event
  • Monitoring and adjusting controls to ensure that systems, documentation, and processes are compliant with internal privacy standards and privacy regulations
  • Assisting clients in developing the annual privacy and security work plan/audit plan
  • Planning and delivering educational training on HIPAA privacy and security regulations
  • Tracking, analyzing, and responding to regulatory agencies with questions on the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and other regulatory requirements
  • Drafting, updating department policies pertaining to privacy, information security, PCI, etc.
  • Assisting with the preparation of monthly privacy/security regulatory meetings including creating the agenda, recording of minutes and acting as the chair in the absence of the chairperson
  • Proactively managing and monitoring the Fair Warnings alerts and follow-up
  • Providing interim leadership for HIPAA Privacy and Security, Corporate Compliance, and Program/Project Management associated with healthcare privacy and security.

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Ensures that your organization is in full compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations
  • Protects the organization from lawsuits, unfavorable publicity, and regulatory penalties
  • Provides the process framework for recovering from a HIPAA or other significant form of privacy related breach which often results in an extremely expensive event.