Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Quality  offers a full range of business continuity and disaster recovery services. Quality’s professionals bring extensive practical experience from a variety of environments and are fully certified with such organizations as the Disaster Recovery Institute, the Association of Contingency Planners, and the Mid-Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association.

At Quality, business understanding plays a central role in risk assessment, business impact analysis, continuity planning, recovery planning, backup site selection, crisis management, and recovery services.

Quality not only helps with the planning, but we also bring extensive implementation experience having documented recovery procedures, orchestrated disaster testing, and assisted clients in setting up recovery sites.

In addition, Quality couples infrastructure security techniques with its planning and analysis. This means that privacy and confidentiality, integrity, availability, and controlled access to your data are always given the highest consideration.

Quality professionals also offer practical advice in areas not usually covered by other BCP/DRP consultants (e.g., counter measures for a variety of risks such as hackers, social engineering attacks, denial of service attacks, virus attacks, and internal staff attacks).

Our staff works closely with major backup site vendors and we vigorously represent our clients to ensure they receive the most appropriate services at the best price.

For a major multi-state hospital system consisting of over 25 hospitals and long-term care facilities, Quality led the execution of a business impact analysis and assisted in the development of business continuity plans. The team employed Sunguard Strohl’s BIA tool to gather the data and perform the analysis and used Sunguard Strohl’s LDRPS tool to serve as a repository of recovery procedures and information. The final deliverables included a current state analysis, a set of comprehensive business-driven recommendations, a formal disaster recovery plan, and strategies for enterprise standby sites.

In addition, Quality consultants were engaged by an international brokerage firm in New York City to develop a high-availability business continuity architecture for its investment businesses. The assignment required the development of a proof of concept based upon 50 of the client’s most critical business applications.

In each case, Quality professions worked side by side with client personnel and achieved rapid results. Moreover, Quality successfully transferred process knowledge to the client staff.